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A good, well-produced message is half the battle. The other half is scheduling it correctly. Scheduling incorrectly means no given listener will hear your message a sufficient number of times to motivate him or her to take action.

Dayparts – Each is a separate audience and must be treated that way!

Radio stations have several discrete audiences, each one tuning in at various times on the clock, which is broken down into dayparts: 6:00 – 10:00 AM, or “Morning Drive,” 10:00 – 3:00 PM , or “Mid-day”, 3:00 – 7:00 PM, or “Afternoon drive”. There are two more, 7:00 PM -- Midnight and Midnight – 6:00 AM, or “Overnight”

Drive times often have larger audiences, but not always. Seven to midnight and Overnight have greatly reduced audience size and you can buy them very cheaply. And it’s possible that you have a product best suited to people who are up at those times.

Frequency – the key to effective scheduling!

But the most important thing you must do is to insure that any part of the day you buy will have enough commercials in it to guarantee what’s called sufficient frequency. That’s the number of times a given listener is exposed to your message each week. You can measure frequency over longer periods, but the one that matters is seven-day periods. Stations use audience measurement to determine how many commercials must be run to produce the desired frequency.

People must hear your message many times, and regularly, in order for them to take action.

You want a frequency of between 2 and 3 for a continuing, non-sale message, and a frequency of around 5 for sales events, which are run over very short periods of time. The idea behind a sale is to generate excitement quickly and time-limit the sale so listeners will believe they must take action now in order not to miss out.

Buy one or two of the three major day-parts and insure each one gets enough frequency. Make certain each day-part gets that 5 frequency; if buying all three at a 5 frequency costs more than you wish to invest, buy one or two. Never think that buying all three in order to reach more people but without enough frequency will work – frequency trumps audience size!

Never let a station rep talk you into spreading too few commercials over the whole clock.

Remember – this is just a quick summary on scheduling!

Keep in mind, this is a quick overview. I’m trying to show you why you should trust a good agency, one who knows how to buy effectively, and write and produce commercials people will listen and respond to.

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