Radio Share | Radio Commercial Process


Our professional radio production program offers you the ability to have national-caliber radio commercials, customized for your local business.

Mike Holmes Radio specializes in 3 primary business categories; Floral, Chiropractic, and Automotive Repair.

As a broadcast client in the Radio Share program, you’ll enjoy national quality radio concepts using unique characters and story lines.

Each new concept is created to target the season, holiday, and lifestyle we all share, all year long. This radio commercial program delivers the same quality used by major advertisers but at a small business rate.

Enrolling in the Share Radio Program is Easy...

1. Register your local business in 1 of our 3 focused radio production genres.

2. Mike Holmes personally contacts you to discuss your business and gather basic information.

3. You’re sent an email link to complete your initial promotion, so we can customize your radio first ads.

4. Every 90 days prior to our production date, you fill out our simple radio commercial customization form.

5. Our master commercial is then “customized” for your business using your supplied promotions.

6. We deliver the final version of the commercial to you or your radio account representative.

The method is just a easy for you, customizing our new commercial every 90-days.

All of our commercials are professionally written and produced with your genre and target consumer in mind. Listen to our samples and hear the difference!

You enjoy a NEW 30-second radio commercial every 90 days!


Your NEW radio image awaits, enroll today.