FAQ’s About Radio Share


Like yourself, our radio production program is so unique that many small business owners have never considered using customized radio commercials. Here are some of the questions we get about our Radio Share program:

Q: Do you supply the script and write the commercials?

Yes. Every commercial is fully written and produced at Mike Holmes Radio.

Q: How are the commercials edited with my business name and brand?

All commercials are written and customized with information about your business.

Q: What kind of information is added to the commercial about my business?

We supply an online form for you to access, then submit information used within each commercial. This includes sales, a product push, or promotional item.

Q: -How much time will I spend to help customize my radio commercial every 90-days?

Less than the time it takes to brew some coffee. Usually around 10-minutes or less.

Q: Do we get exclusive radio rights of the Share Radio commercials?

As long as you are active in our program, each commercial is exclusive to you within 100 miles of your local market.

Q: Are all commercials produced in MP3 and do I get a copy for my review?

Yes. We master all our commercials in high-quality 192k MP3. You get a copy by email.

Q: Who delivers the commercial to my station, or adv representative?

You can forward them the MP3 we send you, or we will be glad to add your contact as our content delivery contact.

Q: How long must I commit to the radio program to secure and retain my radio market rights?

You must commit to 12-months, which is 4 commercials per year. This secures your radio market, and allows proper time for your new radio image to become established in your local community.

Q: Do you offer fully custom radio commercials?

We do offer custom radio production. and will be happy to discuss it with you.

Still have Radio Share questions?

Contact us today and we would be glad to answer any of your Radio Share program questions.